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Multilingual Transcription Services.

Quality Transcription

Audio and video transcriptions is a delicate art that demands precision and expertise. At Polyline Translations, we specialize in multilingual transcription, providing comprehensive services to meet a wide array of business needs. Our expertise spans across various spheres:

  • Conferences
  • Corporate Videos
  • Films and Animations
  • Online Courses
  • Radio Commercial Spots
  • Online Seminars
  • Audiobooks

Our dedicated and highly skilled team is ready to professionally handle any transcription job, regardless of the format. Every word is transcribed with care, capturing the original meaning and tone. We make every detail of your audio or video content accessible and usable.

Join us to bring every word to life. You’ll discover how transcription can transform audio into text, opening new horizons for understanding and utilizing your material. Try our servies. Contact Us Now.

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    Speed and punctuality

    The fusion of perfect synergy among highly specialized professionals and the use of cutting-edge technology enables us to execute projects while fully adhering to delivery timelines.


    We provide a wide range of services with comprehensive and reliable language solutions to maximize your business opportunities and achieve greater growth for your company in the market.


    All translation projects and client-provided information are treated with utmost confidentiality. All translators are committed to signing a confidentiality agreement with Polyline Translations.

    Competitive Rates

    Our fair and transparent prices reflect our reliability, quality, and efficiency in translating your text.

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